Decolonise Your Self - Ally Resource (PRE ORDER)


Conversation Cards For The Thoughtful Ally!

Since the failed 2023 Referendum, we as young Aboriginal people, have felt a deep shame and grief because we have felt a silence from our fellow Australians.

We believe our merch will help to reignite conversations around Aboriginal histories that will help to break harmful stereotypes about our people. We understand that tough conversations and self-reflection are necessary to be had, to foster real change and truth-telling. Teach Blak History!


- Each card design is unique with original art by Aretha Brown. ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

- 75 Questions all up - covering a range of topics! 🌱

- Ally Friendly + Teachers Resource ✨

- Email us to request a free PDF copy of this resource. πŸ‰

- A decolonising deck for allies asking big questions. This lil' deck of cards is designed to support you in exploring your relationship to Aboriginal Culture and Indigenous Allyship.

- Pick-up now available from Brunswick studio (email for address) πŸ“¦

- Email us about Bulk Buying Options! πŸ‰

- Can be used alone as a mindfulness tool or shared with friends, family, colleagues, and classmates!

- Created by Aretha Brown (Gumbaygarri) & Brigalow McIntosh (Muruwari).

- Support by Juliet Miranda Rowe @jurozone

- Photos by @_assignmnt

- Shipping NOT included πŸ›©οΈ


**NOTE: I am now operating my business with Pre-Orders only. βœ¨πŸ‰βœ¨

This helps to avoid any wasted stock, is more environmentally sustainable by reducing the amount of packaging going to landfills, and is more inclusive of everyone’s sizes and preferences. However it does mean it takes a little longer to get your order, so please allow up to 14 days for your order to arrive. Thanks so much you mob! ✨

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