$5.00 - $500.00

In 2019 Aretha founded the **Kiss My Art Collective.

This painting crew was made to champion young bla(c)k and brown, women and non-binary artists by providing jobs, work experience and a safe creative space on large-scale public murals throughout Australia and internationally.

**KISS MY ART collective is made up entirely of young students (most of whom are also femme, Indigenous, BIPOC and queer) so costs associated with the funding of our exhibitions, events, public murals, and projects often leave us out of pocket.

Donating to the **Kiss My Art Collective would help cover the cost of:

• Funding: to cover blak crew/staff fees.

• The purchase of materials such as paint, brushes and anti-graffiti surface spray.

• The cost of hiring technical equipment such as cameras, studio lights and microphones.

• Printing our publications/zines/signs (specifically in colour).

• Transportation of artworks, paint, ladders and materials off and on sites through methods like Uber / paying for petrol / public transport costs.

• Paying for professional photographs on-site at our murals for documentation purposes, as well as professional photographs of our works within exhibition spaces.

Thank you for supporting a young First Nations small business and art collective. Your support makes a positive impact in ways you can't imagine.

These small consumer decisions help to end inter-generational disadvantage, promote sovereignty, and empower Community.

Thank You ! :-)