Want A Mural?

Aboriginal people have made public art in so-called Australia since time immemorial.

**KISS MY ART continues this tradition through street art, as a radical new way to engage non-Indigenous communities across Australia and Internationally. 

One powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to a blak future is by incorporating a mural into your local community. 

Collaborating with indigenous artists to create the mural can help build relationships, promote dialogue, and support the artistic talents of indigenous individuals.

Dumbo Mural, New York City, USA 2023 

Have a wall in mind? Please have the below information ready, when you send a message on our website. 

1. A bio about who you are and your brands/schools/communities' values. 

2. A (Minimum of 4) high-quality photos of the wall in mind and its location. 

3. Your experience (if any) you have working with First Nations people or artists. 

4. Permissions you have secured over the public space in mind.  Eg. You are the business owner/school principal or if you have received written council/ landlord permissions. 

5. Your budget and fee structure. 

6. Your proposed dates/timeline. 

Thanks, can't wait to hear from you!